Daddy and daughter coloring

Daddy and daughter coloring

First time flier
So, I'm a couple of hours I will be getting on a plane for the very first time in my 27years! Wow I am so excited and nervous but mostly scared because I don't like heights or planes! Delta airlines take of us! And wish me luck in puerto Rico!
Bored at work
Why is it that my work week is going by so slow since I'm about to go on vacation next Saturday! Now that's crazy!


“a life with love will have some thorns,but a life without love will have no rose!”

Puerto Rican followers


I need your halp

I need sayings, common things, common phrases, places to see, feelings you get when you go there, the things you like the most of Puerto Rico, the things you hate the most about it too, the way you talk, the way you live, the way you miss, the way you love…

I need to drown in all your feels about Puerto Rico…

Help me?

If you can answer me in spanish, it would be awesome too

I never been I am going for the first time next week! My daughter is half Puerto Rican! And I can’t wait to show her were her father is from!!


can’t wait to go to Puerto Rico tomorrow :D

but my body right now is so used to staying up until three or four in the morning. so the only/best solution is to smoke a bowl and relaxxxx.

Lol I’m going for the first time! And I never been on a plane! How is it there?

If your man answers his phone and tells the other person this is not a good time right now I'm with my girl! What would u think?
My girls!

My girls!